Monday, 30 June 2008

Regrouping XML files whilst developing the RTF layout

The structure of the seeded XML file for the R12 EBS Subledger accounting (SLA) report 'Actual Journal Entries' is pretty flat.

Element 'JE_LINES' is the parent of all other GL Journal elements:

My requirement is to build a report of all journal entries grouped by Period Name and Journal Category Name.

At first glance, it looks like building this hierarchial report using the existing SLA XML source would be pretty tricky.

Luckily, BI Publisher has some great functionality for regrouping XML files into new hierarchies whilst you are building the report layout.

I can make any element a parent of all other elements at the same level . I can reorganize the 'Actual Journal Entries' hierarchy so that all elements at the same level as 'PERIOD_NAME' are now its children i.e. the hierarchy is:

Also, I can nest groups within groups and make the hierarchy as complex as necessary to fulfill my requirement:

This makes it a lot easier to control the layout, implement totalling and summations
AND re-use many existing data sources WITHOUT additional customisation.

That is always good news :-)

To implement regrouping in your RTF template, either:

1) Use the following functionality of the BI Publisher Desktop Add In:

-- Regroup whilst using the table wizard

Here I am grouping by Period_Name and then, Je_Category_Name:

-- Regroup whilst inserting a repeating group:

Here I am regrouping by Period_Name only:

2) OR Use the regrouping syntax directly in your template:

i.e to regroup by period_name:

And the syntax for nesting groups is:

i.e. to group by JE_CATEGORY_NAME within the PERIOD_NAME group:

The result:

Based upon the flat XML structure, my finished RTF template includes all of the required hierarchies:

Note: You can also :
- Regroup by the results of expressions. Syntax =

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