Thursday, 7 August 2008

Migrating a Discoverer EUL to OBI EE metadata

OBI EE has been released today on OTN.

One of the areas of new functionality that I am very interested in is the ability to migrate certain components of Discoverer metadata to BI Server / Answers.

The New Features documentation states:

Release includes a utility to accelerate the migration of Oracle BI Discoverer metadata (in the form of an EEX file) to Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Plus metadata (in the form of an RPD file). The utility is a command line executable file that can be found in the \OracleBI\Server\bin directory. An accompanying instruction document can be found in the \OracleBI\Server\Document directory. This release migrates only Discoverer metadata and only for relational data sources.

I'll be examining and hopefully posting further on the migration process in the next few days.

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