Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Sleeping easy with 11.5.10 Bill Presentment Architecture - Part 1

I am currently reviewing a customer's existing AR invoice printing and bill presentation process.

As part of their original implementation, they had customised the standard Reports 6i invoice print program (RAXINV) for invoice printing. This had proved to be a very difficult solution to maintain. Now they were upgrading their Oracle technology stack, they were keen to review different solutions for invoice printing.

Like POXPRPOP, the name RAXINV can strike terror into the heart of many a poor unsuspecting appstechie. I can still recall sleepless nights:
- sweating over all those frames and repeating groups
- counting out the character cells
and plucking up the courage to turn flex or confine mode off :-)

When Oracle released Bill Presentment Architecture or BPA, I am sure that someone in Development was trying to apologise!

Now built upon Oracle XML Publisher technology, BPA is actually quite a simple solution to implement. After only an hour or so, we had developed a very neat prototype for the customer and they are very excited to implement this solution.

In my next post, I'll outline the steps to get started with BPA.

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